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 Coding Classes for Kids

Extracurricular classes and tutoring at your finger tips.

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Coding & Technology Classes

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ages 5-7 Coding & Technology

Expand your child’s computer skills and explore the building blocks of science through critical thinking. Learn the basics of coding, graphic design and engineering principles.

•Write simple code
•Design games and learn graphic design
•Reinforce math concepts

Practical Lessons | Logical & Fun | Critical Thinking

Coding for kids

What our students say about our classes

  • “I like the computer class because I get to code. We did a cool silhouette design in pixelator and I got to pick a background and my animal; it looked like a shadow at sunset. “

    Aydin – 9 yrs old (Student)

  • “I like that we get to prepare the food ourselves and eat it. My favourite thing that we made was date pudding and it was very good. I had 7 servings!”

    Elise – 11 yrs old (Student)

  • “I like everything about cooking class. My favorite thing I’ve made is a cream cheese brownie. I learned how to measure ingredients. “

    Anni – 9 yrs old (Student)

  • “I love using electronics. We got to make so many cool designs like a duck at a lemonade stand, a circle galaxy and a kitty with a mask. The teacher is kind and funny. “

    Emelia – 7 yrs old (Student)

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