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Renaissance Academy of Learning  Enrichment Programs

Extracurricular classes and tutoring at your finger tips

ages 3-10 Where a passion for learning grows

Open the doors to a whole new world of learning with our enrichment programs. These extracurricular programs explore beyond typical learning objectives and provide students a unique opportunity to grow their knowledge, develop fundamental skills and discover new interests.

Inspire excellence through…

  • children and youth learning code in a stem class


    Expand your computer skills and learn the building blocks of critical thinking.

  • Boy cooking at Enrichment Programs


    Develop important life skills and learn basic, kid-friendly kitchen skills.

  • boy reading and writing

    Language Arts

    Expand your child's literacy skills with reading and writing small classes.

  • children studying


    Customized learning plan that encompasses BC Curriculum and provides help with homework.

ages 3-18 STEM

Expand your child’s computer skills and explore the building blocks of science through critical thinking. Learn the basics of coding, graphic design and engineering principles.

Practical Lessons | Logical & Fun | Critical Thinking

children and youth learning code in a stem class

Ages 8-10Cooking Classes

Give your child the opportunity to make healthy, delicious meals from scratch. Our program is designed to sharpen their life-long skills and encourages concepts of math, reading, and science through cooking.

•Students become masters of the kitchen as they learn about kitchen safety, ingredient preparation, and how to utilize kitchen tools.
•Each Jr. Chef will work at their own independent workstation to create a meal that is uniquely their own.
•Each week students will prepare a tasty lunch and sit down to enjoy the fruits of their labour with their classmates.

Interactive Group Class | Kitchen Techniques 101 | Fun & Independent Learning

ages 3-12Private tutoring

Help your child thrive in school. We provide one-on-one private and group tutoring sessions in Math and English. Our plans, taught by BC certified teachers are flexible and customized to every student. Book a complimentary meeting with our manager to set up a plan that’s best suited to your child’s needs. Get your personalized assessment today.

children studying
boy reading and writing

Ages 3-13+Language Arts

From early years to scholar programs, our instructors will help advance your child’s literacy skills with reading and writing in a small group environment.



girl carrying blueberry muffins

What our students say about our classes

  • “I like the computer class because I get to code. We did a cool silhouette design in pixelator and I got to pick a background and my animal; it looked like a shadow at sunset. “

    Aydin – 9 yrs old (Student)

  • “I like that we get to prepare the food ourselves and eat it. My favourite thing that we made was date pudding and it was very good. I had 7 servings!”

    Elise – 11 yrs old (Student)

  • “I like everything about cooking class. My favorite thing I’ve made is a cream cheese brownie. I learned how to measure ingredients. “

    Anni – 9 yrs old (Student)

  • “I love using electronics. We got to make so many cool designs like a duck at a lemonade stand, a circle galaxy and a kitty with a mask. The teacher is kind and funny. “

    Emelia – 7 yrs old (Student)

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