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Our Philosophy


We believe that education is limitless, therefore our curriculum represents a unique blend of numerous teaching philosophies including Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Multiple Intelligences, Fine Arts and some components of an Emergent Curriculum.


Our goal is to grow your child both academically and personally by helping them realize their potential in both academics and the fine arts.


Additionally, we strive to prepare and develop them to be empathetic and compassionate global citizens that give back to the community.


Our Philosophy

Fine Arts: The Road to Academics

Watch Andini (Ann) Makosinski, a Canadian award-winning inventor, public speaker, author and Forbes 30 under 30 talk about her experience as a Renaissance Woman with multiple talents in sciences and the arts.

Research demonstrates that students involved in the arts consistently outperform their peers academically. The creative mindset nurtured in fine arts education fosters discipline, perseverance, and a growth mindset. By developing strong work ethic and resilience through artistic endeavours, children excel not only in their artistic pursuits but also in core academic subjects.

Enhances Cognitive Abilities

Studies show that fine arts education stimulates critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills. The creative process strengthens neural connections, fostering enhanced memory, concentration, and analytical thinking. By engaging in the arts, children develop a well-rounded intellect that can tackle complex challenges with ingenuity and flair.

Fuel Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation lies at the heart of progress, and fine arts education fuels the fire of creativity. By exploring various artistic mediums, children learn to think outside the box, develop original ideas, and approach problem-solving with a fresh perspective. These skills, combined with a solid academic foundation, empower them to become trailblazers, entrepreneurs, and changemakers in a rapidly evolving world.

Enhances Communication & Empathy

Effective communication and empathy are essential in today’s interconnected society. Fine arts education hones these vital skills by encouraging self-expression, fostering active listening, and promoting collaboration. Through artistic exploration, children develop emotional intelligence, empathy, and the ability to connect with others on a deeper level, giving them an advantage in building meaningful relationships and successful collaborations.

Cultivates Cultural Appreciation

The arts provide a window into different cultures, histories, and perspectives. A fine arts education cultivates a deep appreciation for diverse traditions, fostering a global mindset and cultural sensitivity. This understanding of cultural nuances equips children to thrive in multicultural environments, embrace diversity, and navigate a globalized world with grace and understanding.

Our Future Leaders

Leading By Example

My philosophy around teaching young children is that they role model what they see from the adults in their lives. So as part of our school vision, we engage them in fundraising for meaningful causes.

I believe that actions speak louder than words and that to raise empathetic and caring future adults, we need to involve them in projects that give back to the community at large.

Linda Shirley

Life Long Dedication to Community

Our school started as a humble home-based business. While we’ve grown immensely over the decades, remaining true to our roots has guided our course: we are still that same family business at heart. Today we are as dedicated to our community and to each family, child and employee who comes through our doors as we were the day we first started. 

Unlike most private schools, 100% of our fundraising proceeds go back to the community and not to our operating budget.

Renaissance Academy is the beginning of a community that is built upon life long friendships and an eagerness to help others. At our school, children are included in conversations surrounding the issues that trouble society. With new awareness and empathy towards social welfare, children are encouraged to initiate discussions and take action in the various community fundraisers the school organizes. Through observing the actions of the adults surrounding them, our students will learn community work can begin at an early age and becomes a life long commitment.

Summer Wondercamp
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