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Our program is a seamless blend of academics and fine arts that guides your child through their educational journey.

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We’re Glad you’re Here Our academically enriched curriculum

Serving the community’s youngest learners, Renaissance Kids presents an academically enriched curriculum that is enhanced through music, art, dance and theatre, thereby developing a lifelong love of the arts from the early years. Our programming represents a unique blend of numerous teaching philosophies including Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Multiple Intelligences and some components of an Emergent Curriculum.

At Renaissance Kids, we offer families our full support when applying to independent schools.

We are happy to report that in the 2020/2021 school year we had a 100% acceptance rate to independent schools in our 4-5 age program.

  • a little baby playing with wooden toys and smiling

    Renaissance Explorers

    Ages 1-2. Make their first childcare experience a remarkable one.

  • a little baby boy smiling while playing with wooden toys at Renaissance Explorers

    Renaissance Discoverers

    Ages 2-3. Foster a love of learning and the arts at an early age.

  • a little girl smiling while she uncovers

    Renaissance Illuminators

    Ages 3-4. Provide a strong foundation for Kindergarten and the primary years ahead.

  • a five year old girl graduating from virtuosos at renaissance kids

    Renaissance Virtuosos

    Ages 4-5. Graduate with advanced math and literacy skills.

  • three kids learning how to play the drums during mini melody makers class

    Preschool (Half Day)

    Ages 3-5. Gain exposure to dance, music, visual arts, and theatre through our fine arts programs.

Renaissance Explorers

ages 1 – 2Renaissance Explorers

Our Renaissance Explorers program is facilitated by teachers who have specialized training to work with infants and toddlers. We are sensitive to the fact that for most students of this age it is their first experience in a childcare setting, and so our teachers are dedicated to making it a positive experience for both child and family.

Infant Toddler Certified Teachers | Sensorial Activities | Small Class Sizes

ages 2 – 3Renaissance Discoverers

At Renaissance Kids we believe that even our youngest students can develop their amazing intellectual capabilities by being exposed to a variety of meaningful daily learning experiences. Our teachers are committed to providing multi-sensory and age-appropriate activities to engage our students and foster a love of learning and the arts.

Infant Toddler Certified Teachers | Hot Lunch Options | Spacious Classrooms

Renaissance Explorers

Ages 3 – 4Renaissance Illuminators

The Renaissance Illuminators program is a seamless blend of academics and fine arts that guides your child through their educational journey. This full-day program is designed to nurture the intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of children aged three to four years old. Providing a strong foundation for both Kindergarten and the primary years ahead, the Illuminators classes offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers foundational academic components as well as our Universal Values program that promotes social skills and emotional intelligence.

Co-Curricular Options | ECE Certified Teachers | Specially Designed Playgrounds

Ages 4 – 5Renaissance Virtuosos

Although deeply-rooted in the arts, the Renaissance Virtuosos programs are strongly focused on academics, student leadership skills and global citizenship. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative learning, with students typically graduating with math and literacy skills well beyond their years. With enriched educational experiences and small group learning, Renaissance Virtuosos students have the support that they need to reach their full potential, and have the freedom to explore subjects that they are truly passionate about.

Extensive Curriculum | Field Trip Program | Small Learning Groups

a five year old girl graduating from virtuosos at renaissance kids

Ages 3 – 5Preschool

The Renaissance Kids Preschool program is an excellent option for families who are looking for part time education for their child, while still enjoying the core components of our curriculum. Preschool students are offered a wide variety of hands-on activities in their daily Discovery Centres, and gain exposure to Dance, Music, and Theatre in our performing arts programs. Being a mixed-age environment, Preschool students are given the unique opportunity to learn from one another in meaningful ways; older students, for example, guide their younger peers by modelling appropriate classroom behaviour and communication skills.

Condensed Schedule | Extensive Curriculum | Small Class Size

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