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Renaissance Academy Renaissance Kids

A childcare centre in the heart of Steveston, BC.

Our Programs

ages 1-5 Where learning paths are limitless

Foster a love of learning and the arts through this unique curriculum, based on Montessori and Reggio Emilia principles and enhanced through music, art, dance and theatre. Through meaningful daily learning experiences as well as multi-sensory and age-appropriate activities, even the youngest students can develop their intellectual and artistic abilities.

Our staff of Early Childhood Education teachers guide students through age-appropriate lessons, materials and opportunities that will build a strong foundation for both Kindergarten and the primary years ahead. 

Inspire excellence through…

  • Renaissance Explorers

    Renaissance Explorers

    Ages 1-2. Make their first childcare experience a remarkable one.

  • Renaissance Explorers

    Renaissance Discoverers

    Ages 2-3. Foster a love of learning and the arts at an early age.

  • Renaissance Illuminators

    Ages 3-4. Provide a strong foundation for Kindergarten and the primary years ahead.

  • Renaissance Virtuosos

    Renaissance Virtuosos

    Ages 4-5. Graduate with advanced math and literacy skills.

  • Preschool

    Ages 3-5. Gain exposure to dance, music, visual arts, and theatre through our fine arts programs.

the benefits of the arts How a well-rounded education improves learning outcomes 

It’s true that integrating the arts with education makes learning more fun. It introduces an aspect of play, develops the joy of discovery, enhances the thrill of exploration. This results in children enjoying the process of learning more and developing frameworks that allow them to study better. But it does so much more than that: a well-rounded education increases critical learning skills and fosters such pro-social behaviours as collaboration, cooperation and communication that are going to be useful in any situation and help your children thrive.

360˚ viewTake a virtual tour

Walk through our Renaissance Kids classrooms with a 360˚ virtual tour. Explore each class in an immersive view and check all the details from the comfort of your home.

Ren Kids classroom

What our RK families are saying

  • “Renaissance Kids' carefully though-out curriculum and services are designed to provide students with an absolutely safe and comfortable environment where they can study happily and establish a strong and solid foundation for their future.”

    Sharon Kong

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