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Excellence Speaks for Itself

Our aim is to provide the finest service for families. School is the first space that children attend when they leave home and venture out into society. Therefore, it is crucial that parents trust that we will treat their children with utmost care and educate them to be our future community leaders.

testimonialsWhat Parents Are Saying About Us

As the largest daycare provider in Richmond, we service over 200 families in the Greater Vancouver area. Our 26,000 square foot facility is the only institution that has a fine arts school and daycare school in Richmond. This multi-disciplinary program is a unique model that offers children possibilities that they never knew they had. Children who leave our school are well rounded and are often accepted into private schools.

We are proud to share the thoughts of parents who see the value in our school.

More testimonials…

Terry Chen, Parent

This is by far the best day care we have experienced and heard. This school also has lots of events and most importantly gives back to the society. I believe all children from this school will be good citizens in the future.

Christie Ertner, Parent

These teachers and administrators go above and beyond for all the children of our community. From arts to education, our child has been given the opportunity to experience more than we could ever imagine and all in one place.

Angela Zhou, Parent

Renaissance Kids has been very detailed in recording my child’s growth. It also offers a variety of classes and events to enrich the learning experience. They have a very fast-acting management team, so whenever the parents raise concerns, they always respond in very little time.

Clara Au-Yeung, Parent

My daughter attended the daycare program and also extracurricular classes after school (dance, art, reading, etc) and has learned her alphabets, adding, polite and proper etiquette from age 1-4 years old. The school is wonderful and I am so glad she grew up here with the care of the wonderful teachers and excellent curriculum! My daughter has learned so much from attending the daycare program. She can spell simple three letter words and do very simple math at age 4. I am truly impressed! In addition, there is also a focus in reinforcing a positive mindset in children. For example, the teachers encourage the students to try different foods and they listen even though these foods they never eat when they are home. I am impressed and happy with the school and all the teachers! The school is an innovator in providing education and arts program for babies to kids. A place where they can grow.

Laurie Yuen, Parent

The school has helped our daughter to prepare for French Immersion kindergarten. RK had introduced her to French songs and language skills throughout the years and has given her confidence in speaking French in her current class. Her kindergarten teacher informed us that she is impressed by the children from Renaissance Academy because they already know so many French words. The school has truly supported so many families, especially during the pandemic where families needed quality childcare. The school exceeded in just the basic childcare. They provided thoughtful learning and opportunities for the children so they could succeed and be confident in the future. They are also mindful of the health and safety of the children and always have put the children's best interests first. These attributes of the school have put families at ease and can rely on this school for quality childcare.

Hailey Zhang, Parent

RK has put in great efforts in providing a quality environment and well-designed curriculums for children and definitely exceeds expectations in all areas as a childcare provider. My daughter fell in love with the school and gets excited to go to her class every morning. She has learnt so much in not just life basics, social and emotional, but also music and arts from attending the daycare program. As parents, we are proud of her development and growth and grateful for everything from Renaissance Kids. As a baby growing up during Covid years, my daughter has become happier, more active and more social through her attendance in RK. Her interests in music and arts are also well addressed in RK's designed curriculums.

Sheila Lee, Parent

This school has helped my child become a really joyful, confident and well rounded child. He loves learning French and the arts. His daily French classes and French songs have enabled him to have a great French pronunciation and a love for learning the language. Being able to participate hands-on in different art classes, as well as observe his teachers and visiting artists showcase their art has been fantastic. All the staff have been so supportive and caring. He has had some wonderful role models to look up to!

Janice Ting, Parent

The school puts children's learning and development at the forefront of everything they do. They invest in the future of our children and not only with their students, but through charity work they go beyond their classrooms to reach those children who may be less fortunate so that they may also have a chance to experience music and arts.

Lesley Lee, Parent

The teachers are amazing! They're so attentive and loving but still manage to give the children structure. They put on lots of great activities throughout the year for team building. They're so encouraging and provide a really positive environment. My daughter learned to challenge herself and try new things. She’s learned that it’s ok to not be perfect at something right away but after practice and hard work, she sees the reward.

Cindy, Parent

We are very fortunate that our child can attend RK. It is an amazing school with a well-deserved reputation. It provides not only academic enhancement but also all-around development in morality, intelligence, physical education, aesthetics, and labor. The cultivation of a well-rounded personality and the physical and mental health of children are at the core of the school's education. Our child started the preschool program at the age of three. Since she had no prior daycare experience, the transition was relatively difficult. She was behind in discipline, behavioral skills, academics, and language, and we were very anxious and worried. Thanks to Ms. Terra and her team of teachers for their help. Their highly professional attitude, love, patience, and sense of responsibility helped our child grow and transition smoothly, bit by bit. The changes in our child after just one month in school were amazing. The establishment of rules, improvement in self-care and focus, and the regulation of behavior were impressive. She even started using simple English words and understanding the teacher's instructions. What made us happiest is that even though our child couldn't speak English, she never resisted going to school. The love from the school helped her overcome the language barrier, and the love from the teachers made her feel safe at school. Her learning and living experience is happy. Thank you once again RK, for your excellent teaching methods, outstanding management system, and excellent teaching team. We wish the school continued success!

Cindy Lau, Parent

Renaissance Kids has been an essential part of our family's journey, offering our son a transformative experience filled with growth, learning, and love. We're immensely grateful to Ms. Terra and the dedicated V1 classroom teachers, including Ms. Nadya and Ms. Maggie, for their unwavering support and guidance. Their professionalism, patience, and genuine care have played a pivotal role in our son's development, nurturing his independence and manners. Ms. Terra's prompt responsiveness and unwavering dedication to ensuring the best experience for families like ours have been truly commendable. RK not only provides a robust academic curriculum but also offers a variety of programs catering to diverse interests and needs, including the convenience of hot lunches, which we greatly appreciate. The emphasis on holistic development at RK, covering morality, intelligence, physical education, aesthetics, and more, has been instrumental in our son's growth in discipline, self-care, focus, and language skills. The love and support from the school and teachers helped my son adapt and thrive, turning potential challenges into a happy and fulfilling experience. In summary, Renaissance Kids has exceeded our expectations in every aspect, from its exceptional teaching methods to its outstanding management system and, above all, its phenomenal teaching team. We wholeheartedly recommend RK to any parent seeking a nurturing and enriching environment for their child's early education. Thank you for the incredible journey and lifelong impact on our family

Kathy, Parent

Dear Linda and the entire team at Renaissance, I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible environment you have created at Renaissance. For the past 7 years, my family and I have been continually impressed by the unique and amazing atmosphere at your school. My daughter has grown up within your walls, starting as a 10-month-old in the baby class, and has flourished under your care. The love, kindness, and safety provided by your staff have allowed her to learn and grow in so many ways. From her ABCs and 123s to her love for the arts, she has been exposed to a wide range of subjects taught by passionate teachers. But what truly sets Renaissance apart is the emphasis on fostering kindness and empathy in the children. Through daily interactions and charity activities, you show the children that they can make a positive impact on the world, no matter their age. Thank you for all that you do. We look forward to many more years at Renaissance.

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